Joe & Ladaere Millioni

Joe & Ladaere Millioni


I (Joseph) have taken on the role of Director of the Center for Intercultural Training Global. CIT has a long history of preparing N. American missionaries to serve around the world. With so many countries now reaching the stage of sending missionaries of their own, it was a natural fit for CIT to launch it’s global branch. My experience in training and developing churches around the world made this position a perfect fit. CIT global will be helping the national churches develop pre-field training to go to the unreached. Ladaere and I will also be facilitating courses at CIT in North Carolina.

I also facilitate the Sembradores network in Cuba. In the last ten years, Sembradores has seen over 1000 new churches planted and a church planting network developed. Cuba is now ready to send out Cuban missionaries and will be one of the first locations for CIT global.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the development of CIT programs around the world.
  • For the Sembradores team in Cuba to continue boldly.
  • For our kids as they make their way in this world as young adults.

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