Allan and Rhoda Holt



Allan and Rhoda organize around three trips each year to Latin American destinations, from January to March. They have served in this ministry for many years.

Generally, there are two types of people who come on these trips: the skilled (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons) and the willing. According to Allan, it usually takes two to four willing people to keep a skilled person fully busy! If you are unable to join a team but would like to help support the costs involved or sponsor another team member, such donations would be welcome.

Prayer Requests:

The Holts request prayer for direction in the planning of their yearly trips. Pray that God will move in the hearts of those He has in mind to join each team and that the volunteers will find supporting prayer partners to uphold them during their trip. Pray for the availability of resources for each project, and for the health and safety of all team members.