John Edwards

John Edwards


John & Bonnie attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles before moving to Salinas, California where John worked as a Civil Engineer for 22 yrs. They joined United World Mission in 1989 after making several trips abroad to participate in short term mission projects. They studied at the Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica, participated in ministry in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and among the Quechua of Bolivia, in Peru, and Chile. In 2014 they received their certificate of 25 years of ministry.

Ministry Vision: Teach, train, encourage and disciple children’s workers to be effective in ministry to children. Prepare missionary kids to meet the cross-cultural challenges.

Ministry Objectives:
1. Visit the MKs on their respective fields to de-brief them on their intercultural experiences and continue their preparation for field ministry and re-entry during their furlough
2. Produce training materials that will better equip teachers and children’s workers in child evangelism
3. Work within churches and neighborhoods (US and foreign) to facilitate training, teaching and discipling of those who minister to children
4. Model child evangelism to student teachers by teaching Bible clubs

Pray Requests:

  • God’s leading in selecting team members for the UWM Asus Conference children’s ministry scheduled for January 2017
  • God’s grace for our family as we recover from the loss of our grandson on Nov. 29, 2015
  • That God will provide safety in our travels to Latin America and Asia

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