Bill & Sandy Stevener

Bill & Sandy Stevener


We are serving in Paraguay with Su Refugio.

The name Su Refugio refers to His Refuge, a place that cares for widows and orphans for the glory of God, pure religion in accordance with James 1:27. Su Refugio provides shelter, food and caring for up to 30 girls, placed here by the government for a variety of reasons.

I am the director for the Center of Hope, an outreach ministry designed specifically to train women in skills that will enable them to earn money to help support their families, and help with the spiritual growth of the women and children that attend the classes. I am also the facilities director, coordinating maintenance and other needs.

My wife, Sandy is the coordinator directly responsible for the various training sessions in hair cutting, sewing, knitting, making jewelry, etc. She works with local women who can do the teaching, and does some of the teaching herself. Sandy also schedules workshops with the girls in the home, teaching them various crafts.

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