Pablo & Judi Perez

Pablo & Judi Perez


We serve the Lord in Ecuador, in partnership with La Iglesia Evangélica Comité del Pueblo (Committee of the People Evangelical Church) and MOPI (Movimiento de Plantación de Iglesias/Church Planting Movement). MOPI is a growing movement focused on the revitalization of existing local churches and home-based church plants in Ecuador. This includes encouraging these churches to become, autochthonous, autonomous and self-supporting, by returning to the biblical model found in the book of Acts and the Epistles.

La Iglesia de Familias Sirviendo a Cristo (Families serving Christ Church) meets in our home and via video conferencing as an example of this model. At least seven more groups which meet in various locations throughout Metropolitan Quito and several outlying provinces are growing toward this goal. Covid opened many doors to teach, disciple and counsel through the internet. This has also given opportunity to share in other Spanish speaking regions.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Lord to open doors in new areas in Ecuador and Latin America.
  • Pray for trained leaders to spread this movement through Ecuador and Latin America.
  • Pray for the MOPI virtual Bible School.
  • Stay in Touch:
    Email: perez.panorama@gmail.com