Jim & Mimi Breneman

Jim & Mimi Breneman


Jim and Mimi Breneman are excited to be part of United World Mission. They serve on the staff of ESEPA Seminary in San José, Costa Rica.

Mimi is from Argentina and Jim grew up in Costa Rica and Argentina, where they met and served in youth ministry, leadership training and counseling. They lived in Boston for several years, where Jim completed his MA in Old Testament and taught at the seminary level. Mimi has an MA in Psychology and worked as a therapist with people who suffer the effects of abuse, violence and injustice.

At ESEPA Seminary, they work with the rest of the staff to equip and prepare pastors and Christian leaders to serve their communities in Costa Rica and beyond. ESEPA offers Masters, Bachelor and Certificate degrees in Pastoral Studies, Theology, Christian Education and Missions. Jim and Mimi strongly believe God has called them to encourage and support the preparation of Biblically-rooted leaders both inside and outside the classroom.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for students, church leaders and seminary professors as they explore together what it means to live faithful to the authority of Scripture and have a transformative impact on their society.