Guillermo & Wanda Mejia

Guillermo & Wanda Mejia


We are serving in Colombia with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia.

We have been called to equip would-be pastors in Colombia, with solid theological foundations, as critical for a church that faces complex challenges of “buffet-type spiritualities” in a Country with severe social inequalities and millions who have suffered the scars of violence.

Our passion is to bring practical insights, that combine biblical theology with our diplomatic experience in the world, to students and to their spouses, holistically, including teaching and spiritual formation.

We serve at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia in the city of Medellin. Guillermo teaches New Testament in the undergraduate university program of the Seminary. Our Seminary is duly accredited by the Government (Ministry of Education) to provide a professional degree in Theology. Besides Guillermo’s teaching, we serve in spiritual formation, mentorship, fellowship, and even providing economic orientation to students and to their spouses to encourage them to supplement their too often meager income

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God for the immense privilege of contributing to the strengthening of the Church in Colombia.
  • Pray for Wisdom for us as we seek to contribute to the integral formation of would-be pastors and other leaders of the Church in Colombia.
  • That God would continue to delight in the service of this, the leading Evangelical Seminary in Colombia, and that the strong commitment of the executives, Faculty, administration, students and supporting organizations would be further strengthened.

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