Gustavo & Rochelle Karakey

Gustavo & Rochelle Karakey


We are serving with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC) in Medellín, Colombia where Gustavo teaches with the New Testament department.

Our vision in working with the BSC is to help in the preparation of Latin American Christian leaders in order that the church might: 1) grow in its maturity; 2) provide a prophetic voice within the church and within society and 3) be a major force in the worldwide missions movement.

We are currently residing in Boston, MA. Gustavo is teaching virtually and traveling to Medellin a couple of times per year. The children are attending college or high school and Rochelle is working at Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington. We are planning to move back to Medellín, Colombia in January of 2020 where Gustavo will teach residentially.

Prayer Requests:

  • For favor as we raise our monthly and outgoing support.
  • For the students in Gustavo’s virtual courses (strength and finances)
  • For the upcoming short-term missions trip in June, 2019

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