Kevin & Claudia Abegg

Kevin & Claudia Abegg


I (Kevin) met & married Claudia while planting a church in Pichilemu, Chile. Together we graduated from Gateway Seminary with MA’s in Theology and joined Latin America Mission as missionaries to Cuba, traveling regularly to train pastors throughout the island. Over the years we’ve served as liaisons to 200+ international partners throughout Latin America, developed sending programs for US churches as well as multi-lingual community-based programs for anti-sex trafficking awareness and response training. Today we oversee UWM’s missionaries and international partnerships throughout Central America & Caribbean.

As “Regional Leaders” we work alongside the Latin ministries we’ve grown to love and consider friends. Working in cross-cultural “Gospel Partnership” is second nature to our international family, and with our local partners we seek to “make disciples of all nations” throughout the region and prepare the next generation of Latin missionaries to “go unto all the world”.

Prayer Requests:

  • As of spring 2022, both of our sons, Jeremy and Nico will have graduated high school from the “Abegg Institute” of homeschooling and continue into their college years. Please keep our entire family in your prayers as: 1) our boys study and explore God’s calling on their lives (and we pay for college), 2) Claudia and I have more time with partners in Latin America & grow UWM’s vision and direction, and 3) we seek to provide broader anti-sex trafficking training throughout the region.


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