Grace Morillo

Grace Morillo


As of September of 2017, I serve both current and potential students in Colombia as Spiritual Formation Coordinator for CETI (Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios), an Interdisciplinary Seminary that seeks to form church leaders for Integral Mission.

CETI was conceived as part of the Kairos Foundation in Argentina; now it is an independent continental body with offices in Costa Rica, and a team of 8 people located in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Perú and Colombia. It has two programs: a face to face year and a half non-accredited certificate program that takes place in 9 countries of Latin America, through a team of national volunteer facilitators, and an online ATS accredited Master’s degree program with students from 14 countries in Latin America. A lot of my work with the Master’s program, is done on-line, and through Skype calls, as well as through contact during the student face to face courses.

Prayer Requests:

  • For wisdom in carrying out the ministry of Spiritual Formation, in a geographically distant location from the students and the rest of the CETI team.
  • For the impact of CETI on the lives of people and churches all over Latin America promoting integral mission.
  • For the growth of CETI programs, and of the CETI team in a harmonic fashion.

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