Sally Isais

Sally Isais


We live in Mexico City, Mexico, have two children: Cynthia and Eddie. I work with MILAMEX.

This ministry includes the publication and distribution of Prisma magazine, the online Noticiero MILAMEX news bulletin www.noticieromilamex.com, Christian books written in Spanish by Latins in the Latinamerican context, the Evangelism in Depth program which motivates and mobilizes each person in the local church to share the truth of Jesus Christ with others, and Christian journalism courses. We also organize events for men and women with conferences on everyday problems that might not be addressed by the church, but need to be talked about in light of the Scriptures.  I also participate in counseling as well as a music ministry.

MILAMEX is also involved in connecting resources, people and ministries with each other.  We have been active in trying to impact society in the fight against abortion, same sex marriages, adoption of children by same sex marriages,  and abstinence education for sex, drugs and alcohol.