Suzanne Emery

Suzanne Emery


Based on Isaiah 61:1, Created to be Free hopes to contribute to the understanding of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and other neurobehavioral conditions as invisible brain based physical conditions and thus help the Church and greater community love and celebrate people whose brains work differently, like Jesus does. Suzanne does this through the following: 1. Education and training offered online and in person 2. Individual consultation with professionals and family members. 3. Family support groups where the real transformation takes place. God is using this ministry on a global level. Suzanne also serves on the Member Care Team of UWM, creating “sacred space” for spiritual formation/transformation to occur as she walks alongside UWM missionaries all over the world. She also serves the homeless, immigrant and uninsured population as a Nurse Practioner at the Good News Community Health Center. She has two wonderful sons, Nain and Eddie, who are the delight of her heart.

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued new ministry partners and stable support.
  • Open ears and heart to follow Jesus where he leads us, grow in a love relationship with God and be instruments of healing and blessing in this world.
  • Nain and Eddie will embrace who God has created them to be and live out His plan and purposes for them on this earth.

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