David & Marilyn Longworth

David & Marilyn Longworth


Dave and Marilyn, missionaries with LAM Canada, serve in Costa Rica with Glorioso Dia, a ministry to at-risk kids.

Dave was only a year old when he arrived in Costa Rica from Canada with his LAM missionary parents, who were assigned to minister at the Roblealto Bible Home for children. After obtaining his M.Sc. in poultry science at the University of Guelph, Dave returned to Costa Rica work as an agronomist with the Roblealto Hatchery, which was set up to help support the ministry.

Marilyn arrived in 1975 and after a year of language school, began living at Roblealto Bible Home as resident nurse. She and Dave met there and married in 1980. Marilyn still helps some with nursing, but her primary ministry is teaching the Bible at the Home’s school, where she considers it a tremendous privilege to share the Word of God not only with the children living at the Home, but with the ones from the town who attend the school. Since leaving the Hatchery in 1993, Dave has worked with the Bible Society of Costa Rica and with Camp Roblealto. His latest ministry is with the Glorious Day Foundation, a foundation Dave helped to set up with two other men who share his vision to minister to adolescents at risk in need of a loving, Christ centered environment in which to prepare themselves for the future.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the children at the Home and the adolescents at Glorious Day will come to know Christ and grow spiritually
  • Pray that they will develop in every area to be what God wants them to be and for financial resources for day to day operations
  • Pray for God to supply property, facilities and human resources to expand the outreach to adolescents