Bob & Nancy Sabean

Bob & Nancy Sabean


With a Seminary degree, plus a degree in recreation, I serve the Christian camping leadership throughout Latin America. The structure that serves these camps is Christian Camping International Latin America (CCILA), of which I am a co-founder.

CCILA offers magazines, monographs, books, several courses, seminars, workshops, Institutes, and inspiration to train and encourage the Latin America camping leadership. CCILA promotes the formation of national teams to better serve local needs. The biblical foundations of play are of concern, and a book on the subject was Published in 2014. My wife, Nancy serves women through offering prenatal classes and professional help for breastfeeding women. While officially retired from the UWM in December 2017, the above description of ministry is still in place.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued health and support to maintain a continued active ministry.

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