Erik & Kaylie Cole

Erik & Kaylie Cole


We are Erik & Kaylie Cole and have been serving with United World Mission for five years. Our first two years in the mission field were spent in Mexico city with a Missions Immersion Program that equips leaders of the emerging generation. This program is called Avance and is based in Mexico City since 1970. We returned to Mexico four years later in January of 2020 as staff to the program here in Mexico. In August of 2022, we accepted the invitation to direct the program. The Avance ministry is included as a key initiative of UWM and we have experienced great momentum in terms of vision and direction! We praise God for His provision.

Our young family made the move when we still had two babies under two! Today, our son Echo is five, Zinnia is three, and our first born Mexican to the family, Nova, just turned one. Kaylie is home discipling the kids during the day as Erik plays a large part in equipping, mentoring, and forming the young adults who come through the training program.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the formation of our young & growing family!
  • We are seeking prayer in finding support within UWM and our networks to pour into our family and staff at Avance Mexico.
  • Prayer for our new leadership team here in Mexico City!

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