Kevin & Sarah Johnson

Kevin & Sarah Johnson


We serve in Sololá, Guatemala, where Sarah has worked with Viña Studios since 2007. Sarah works with the Deditos project, a series of Old Testament Bible story videos for kids. The videos are produced in Spanish and then dubbed into indigenous and regional languages all over the world. She writes lessons to accompany each video, serves as a theological consultant for the script writing process, and is involved in Sunday school teacher training.

Kevin taught theology in Medellín, Colombia for three years before getting married and moving to Guatemala. He continues teaching with the Biblical Seminary of Colombia’s online program, teaching on theology, Old Testament, religions and worldviews, as well as supervising a Ministry Practicum group and meeting regularly with a group of students to work on preaching skills. He also teaches occasional classes with Centro Esdras, a Guatemalan ministry that focuses on practical theological training with a special emphasis on integral mission.

Prayer Requests:

  • For creativity and vision for Sarah and the other staff at Viña Studios as they write scripts, film videos, produce lessons, and train Sunday School teachers.
  • For creativity for Kevin as he designs and teaches four online classes in 2020: Religious Systems, Introduction to the Bible, Pentateuch and Christian Theology 1.
  • For God’s leading in reaching out relationally in Sololá as a family.

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