Carolyn Deemer

Carolyn Deemer


Carolyn graduated from Cedarville University in May 2010 with a double-major in Spanish and music. Pursuing a love of God, the Spanish language, and Latino culture, she went to Mexico for Avance’s summer program in 2009.

Since those two months seemed too short, she felt lead to return for the 2010-2011 YearOut program and worked in a community development organization while participating in a local church. She served as a summer facilitator, challenging others in many of the same areas that God was working in her own life. As Carolyn sought where God was leading her after Mexico, she became convinced that she should stay in Mexico for the 2011-2012 YearOut program.  She worked with Mexican youth through campus ministries, her church, and helping to lead a trip to Honduras over Holy Week. In addition to her Mexican ministries, Carolyn served as a YearOut facilitator within Avance.

Her leaders advised her to pursue her passion for missions and helping others by studying counseling, and, three years later, she graduated from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh with a Master’s of Theological Studies and an emphasis in Biblical counseling.  Now she is in the process of raising support so that she can return to the field in Mexico City and further the work of the Gospel by discipling short term missionaries through the Avance program.  In addition to the impact on North American youth, she is seeking what additional ministry she might be involved in to contribute to the local church in Mexico City.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that she would be filled with the knowledge of God, which would then pour over into the lives of others
  • Pray that God would be glorified through her life
  • Pray that she might be a blessing to those whom God places in her path!