Carlos & Jeanette Lopez

Carlos & Jeanette Lopez


We are from Colombia, serving Latin American countries from Canada.

Carlos Milton and Jeannette Lopez mobilize Latin American communities in 4 areas:

Expanding Gospel Frontiers – Christian Leadership Training

90% of current Latin American pastors and Christian workers do not have any theological education, however, they are the ones leading Christian churches and ministries. It was for these leaders that Carlos and Jeannette created TELL [Training and Equipping Latin American Leaders]. TELL is a practical program to provide training, study resources and to empower those who are already leading and/or working in ministry, but who have no training opportunities, have very low income and or live in challenging areas where there is persecution or is geographically inaccessible.

In 2016, God moved Jeannette and Carlos to create UniTell International University for Latin-American Leadership, accredited by Transworld International Accrediting Commission of Riverside, CA, USA. UniTell is currently present in 12 Latin American countries through local churches and community centres. This is the extension of TELL. Now, a long waiting list of Latin American pastor associations are asking for their training.

Action Against Poverty

Poverty and unemployment are everywhere in Latin America, thus Carlos and Jeannette are training, equipping and encouraging new eco-friendly and self-sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives to become Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, breaking the circle of poverty in many Latin American communities.

Social Justice and Human Rights

Knowing the unprivileged vulnerable conditions and lack of opportunities for many Latin American families, criminal organizations are using media, internet, social media, parties and other activities for recruiting kids, teenagers and young men and women to force them to take part on illegal activities and human trafficking. In response to this, Carlos and Jeannette created the Integrated Strategic Plan Against Human Trafficking. This is an integrated strategic to Prevent [Education] Protect [Care] and Persecute [Justice] criminal action against kids, teenagers and young men and women.

Media Development

Leading media projects, Carlos and Jeannette developed a network of 700 communitarian radio and TV stations in 28 Spanish speaking countries, due to the new media generation, most of these stations are forced to move to social media and other technological platforms. However, most of them don’t have the knowledge, logistic and finances to do so. Through a team of youth social media experts, Carlos and Jeannette are providing the necessary support to start this transition from a local traditional media to global outreach developed, through social media and new technologies.