Dan & Marcia Lawrance

Dan & Marcia Lawrance


Dan and Marcia, missionaries with LAM Canada, serve with an aviation ministry in Brazil.

Dan was born and raised in Brazil to Canadian missionary parents. At an early age he gave his life over to the Lord and he started pursuing God´s will to become a missionary pilot. After completing Bible College and his aviation license requirements he served as a missionary pilot/mechanic in Brazil for over 14 years and also served as a flight instructor in Canada for 6 years. Marcia was also born and raised in Brazil with a professional background in physiotherapy. Dan and Marcia have 5 sons living and studying in Canada.

During the last several months Dan and a few other Christian pilots have already begun the process of establishing a new mission aviation program in Belém, where its location will cover most of the Amazon region. The airplane, a six-seater twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58, just recently was imported and nationalized and is ready to be used in Belém. With the great need for transportation by air in the Amazon region, this aviation program will facilitate transportation for missionaries, pastors, evangelists, social workers and others to accomplish their goals in church planting, evangelism, medical and dental clinics, community development, relief, medical evacuation, and more.