Youth Mentor and Discipleship Coordinator

In 2009, Laney began an after-school academic enrichment program in a low-income mobile home park where many of the students attended from the elementary school where she taught. When the program continued to grow, she was asked by the manager of the park to find a new location for the enrichment program. By partnering with Faith Evangelical Church, who committed $10,000 to purchase a trailer in the mobile home park, Lago Vista Neighbors began to in a new location for the continuation of this student outreach ministry in our community. Shortly after the renovated trailer became functional, the Lord also provided the next door trailer to support this growing ministry. Today Lago Vista Neighbors serves a community of 1500 trailers primarily housing families from Mexico.

This will give you the opportunity to operate after school programming and educational reinforcement of school studies within this community. You will be able to disciple and mentor young men and women from elementary to high school.