Urban Ministry: Ethnic & German Churches

Together for Hamburg assists 100 German and 10 ethnic churches in doing ministry through various platforms and events. The ministry desires to break down cultural, language, and generational differences for the church to have greater impact, whether among native Germans or various “diaspora groups”. Together for Hamburg seeks to equip local churches to minister to refugee needs, and also to invest the years of relationship required for effective ministry to native Germans. We seek to provide a holistic, integral answer to the city’s needs.

We offer several ministry opportunities among…

1. Unreached people groups (over 90,000 Turks and 15,000 South Asians)
2. Refugees (mainly Syrians, Iranians and Afghans)
3. Women in the red light district, at risk for human trafficking
4. People living in poor subsidized housing, in areas with very few churches, who come from broken and single parent homes, and often deal with unemployment and other obstacles, and
5. International students (around 10,000 in 20 universities).

Having an urban ministry background is highly recommended. You’ll need commitment to develop German fluency in the first 2 years. Networking, training, social work, pastoral experience and prior cross-cultural ministry experience is not required but would be helpful for serving on a city-wide level.