Unreached People Group Ministry Worker (New York, NY)

International Project is a multi-agency team of believers who are committed to starting churches among the unreached people groups of the world. Over the past 15 years, we have seen many come to Christ
and have seen churches started in the least evangelized countries as a result of this ministry.

Thousands of internationals from the least evangelized countries come to New York City every year. These internationals represent the influential thinkers and policy makers of their nations. Being away from home, they are more receptive to the gospel message. Our focus is on making disciples among these people and training them to start reproducible churches when they return to their home countries. Ultimately, we desire to see movements of National-led churches established throughout the least reached corners of the world.

This ministry program enables individuals to learn about the DNA of reproducible church planting, cross-cultural ministry, and the gospel while working alongside experienced church planters. Ministry workers will have an opportunity to start discovery Bible studies and house churches among internationals or unreached people groups within New York City.