Transferring Missionaries

If you have foreign missionary experience (long or short-term) and have to transfer home we would like to talk to you. Your skills are more than useful and your passion is needed.

A little over three years ago United World Mission opened North America as a mission field. Here is a general overview of why we serve in North America, who we serve, what we hope to accomplish, and how you can be part of it with us. Through network of partnership we are presently impacting Afghans, Syrians, Rohingya, Burmese Buddhists, Indian Buddhists, Moroccans, Arab Berbers, Saudis, Somali, Yemenis, Cambodian, Bhutanese, Congolese, Bosnian, Chinese, Ethiopians, Nepali, Vietnamese (Kinh – majority and Montagnards – Minority), Eritrean, Persian, Laotian, Sudanese, Iraqi, and Jewish People.

“Within the U.S. & Canada there are at least 348 Unreached People Groups from around the world. God is moving people, His people, for His glory, from unreached places around the world to within our reach in our country and home cities. United World Mission is committed to reaching these people groups who have left their homelands to live in ours.”

Our dream is to reach the thousands of refugees and immigrants that God has moved from hard to reach areas of the world to our own North American cities with the gospel of Jesus and to come alongside victims of human-trafficking and at-risk women and children to provide hope, healing, and salvation.

Let’s talk!