Bingham Academy, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is looking for teachers for several positions:

  1. Elementary Teacher
  2. High School Teacher
  3. Art Teacher
  4. Music/Drama Teacher
  5. PE Teacher
  6. Athletic Director

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • High level of knowledge of relevant curriculum and learning and assessment theory
  • Effective classroom management techniques
  • Commitment to positive communication with all stakeholders
  • Passion for excellent education
  • Willingness to learn

About Bingham Academy:

Named after the founder of SIM, Rowland Bingham, Bingham Academy has been serving the mission and international community of Ethiopia since the late 1940s. From the school that began as a one teacher 14 student school, Bingham Academy has developed into a multicultural community, consisting of an international staff and over 340 students, representing over 25 nationalities.

Bingham Academy is located in the outer suburbs of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and the heart of Africa. In this strategic African city, Bingham Academy is located on a beautiful leafy campus, with excellent sporting and academic facilities. Our teaching staff come from over 10 different nationalities and are committed to quality Christian education for the purpose of teaching truth, and equipping generations to change the world for God’s glory. We strive to holistically develop our students, not only academically, but also physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. In an increasingly globalized and rapidly changing world, our multicultural community provides the ideal environment to equip each student with the necessary skills for life-long impact.

Expectations for Teachers:

· Demonstrate a high level of knowledge of relevant curriculum, and of learning and assessment theory
· Undertake evaluation, assessment and monitoring of students in accordance with school guidelines and the Cambridge syllabus (where applicable)
· Participate in in-house and/or external professional development in order to update and refine knowledge and skills including teaching; assessment; Christian Philosophy of Education and Biblical World View.

· Have 20 student contact hours per week as allocated by the Principal
· Use a full range of teaching and assessment techniques that target identified needs/abilities
· Ensure that a full curriculum is delivered
· Effectively manage the learning environment
· Establish good communication and rapport with Teaching Assistant
· Supervise and effectively utilize a Teaching Assistant where applicable
· Develop a class environment that supports each student holistically, and in a Christ-like way
· Perform your duties efficiently and effectively and with honesty, integrity and fairness at all times

· Participate in whole staff and faculty meetings as scheduled
· Participate in peer and/or faculty mentoring and support programs
· Collaborate in the development of team and school plans and programs.

· Participate in student chapel regularly
· Participate in school activities outside of class time according to interest and need
· Actively supervise students during breaks and before/after school as scheduled
· Comply with reasonable directions given by a supervisor/principal/leadership

· Be an ambassador and advocate for Bingham Culture as laid out in the Bingham Culture Guidelines
· Attend staff devotions regularly
· In first year of service, participate in Bingham Institute

· Facilitate open, engaging and positive communication between students, parents and staff
· Facilitate appropriate communication boundaries with parents

· Intentionally strive to engage in meaningful, discipleship relationships within the Bingham community, imparting both truth and life, for the purpose of building up others in their faith.