Surfer Discipleship

The Christian Surfers team in Barcelona has a love of surfing and a desire to reach the virtually unreached members of the surfers’ community with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ. Team members spend time on the beaches surfing and befriending other surfers. As authentic friendships develop, the team members are offered opportunities to share the Gospel. They are then involved in discipling these new believers and in making sure that they find a church that will be appropriate for them.

Job Description:
As a team member of Christian Surfers, you will be involved in surfing, in nurturing contacts, sharing the Gospel one-on-one, discipling and mentoring new believers. You will take part in team meetings and team Bible studies. You will volunteer and help organize events held by/for the surfers’ community. You will also be involved in Bible Studies and retreats organized by the ministry team for contacts and new believers.

1) A living, saving, vibrant and growing faith in Jesus-Christ
2) The ability to befriend people and develop acquaintances into friendships
3) The ability to share the Gospel, disciple new believers in the basics of the faith and mentor them
4) The willingness to learn Spanish as well as Spanish & Catalan culture
5) Know how to surf
6) The ability to work with a team