Sunday School Teacher Trainer

Located in the highlands of Guatemala, Viña is a small media-production ministry whose multicultural staff is passionate about empowering ethnic minorities, and all oral learners, to grow into their full potential in Christ. The Deditos bible story series is an original production of Viña that has been recognized for its high quality and profoundly Biblical message in a fun, innovative format for children. Viña also works with partners to empower them to effectively use media in ministry. The Deditos videos and lessons are being translated and dubbed into many languages around the world and used by many ministries to disciple children.

As a Sunday school teacher trainer, you will work with Viña’s leadership team to develop and implement programs for training teachers and teacher-trainers in various schools, churches and NGOs throughout the country. As opportunities arise, you will present the Deditos curriculum to leaders of different entities and make plans for how they can share it within their organizations.

Qualifications for this position include: Fluency in Spanish, a background in teaching and/or working with children, experience with churches in Latin America, and the ability to relate well to religious and non-religious entities. Ability to work as part of a team as well as independently. To be capable of carrying out projects. Willingness to work under Viña’s vision and leadership. Giftedness at passing on vision and skills to other. Cultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt your teaching to the needs of Latin American people.