Summer Internship – Clarkston, GA

United World Mission is partnering with Global Frontier Missions (GFM) to raise up laborers to serve among the remaining 6900 ethnic groups (nations) that are still considered unreached with the Gospel. In 2010, GFM began starting locations in the US that would reach out to internationals from unreached people groups arriving in Clarkston, GA as well providing training for those who wish to be sent to the ends of the earth to the unreached people groups there. In Clarkston more than 70% of the town is foreign born. You will learn how to build relationships, introduce the gospel, share life on life with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other Non-religious peoples that are coming to our country as refugees, immigrants, and international students. Come reach the world right here in the US!

GFM interns have the opportunity to challenge the American church to become more actively involved in world missions, while also interacting with people from many different cultures, religions, and countries. Our missionary interns help us perform skits about missions, lead prayer walks, translate into other languages, run summer camps, lead worship, disciple others, teach ESL, and get people excited about what God is doing among the nations!

Additionally, while performing all the leadership and mentorship tasks with the short-term mission teams, we also train our summer interns to take an active role in making disciples among the lost. Because you are living beside unreached people groups, you get to practice Church planting principles like prayer, building bridges and sowing seeds of the Gospel. Our goal is that you will make a disciple of someone who had never heard of Jesus!

For more information, check out this video: http://globalfrontiermissions.org/summer-internships/.