Sports Ambassador

Sports Ambassadors will be involved in serving the congregation and community at large through engaging in soccer clubs and looking for organic and/or structured avenues to connect. Other opportunities may be climbing, cycling, triathlon, basketball, etc. In this context, a good sports ambassador should be passionate about soccer and have some knowledge of the game.

Relationship is everything in Spanish culture, yet, it takes hours chatting over tapas, strolling through historic plazas, or hiking the surrounding trails before one might be considered a true friend. Spain is less than 1% Evangelical, and despite strong Roman Catholic tradition, many people are skeptical of God and are left as spiritual wanderers in post-Christian Europe. Because of the scarcity of Evangelical believers, few Spaniards have the opportunity to develop a friendship with someone who knows true hope and purpose found only in Christ. Might you be one of those friends?

Granada is a vibrant, centuries-old city with a thriving university, and sits at the feet of multiple mountain ranges, retaining a relaxed pueblo feel as a casual small-city. It is the perfect place to get to know people from many cultures and walks of life sharing the Gospel through testimony and love.

The small Evangelical church is awakening to engage communities in service and relationship to share the holistic transformation found in Christ. Pastors and ministry leaders are asking for young adults to come help build the long-lasting relationships in and around their communities to demonstrate the hope of the Gospel in a society that is desperately searching for it. Sports camps, youth sports, and adult recreation teams are points of connection to local society that churches need more people to help develop. Might you be one of those people?

Goers serve alongside and under leaders of the Spanish Evangelical Church holding to our values of Immersion, Incarnation, and Innovation. Your time consists of language classes, hands-on ministry, and reflection through mentoring and group meetings.

**Bonus: Eligible Goers can opt to study a Master of Arts of Biblical Studies and Theology with a focus on community-based mission through our in-field competency-based partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary. Tuition is a fraction of the cost of other similar U.S.-accredited degrees.

– Language proficiency: Depending on the placement, this position may require an intermediate level of Spanish (B2), we can consider non B2 Spanish speakers. A willingness to learn and try is critical, especially in informal, relational ministry that the Sports Ambassador will be engaging in.
– Cross-cultural Experience: Successful Goers will have a heart for learning via immersion and interaction. Previous cross-cultural experience is beneficial.
– Church Experience: A successful candidate should be passionate about working in a post-Christian environment alongside local congregational leadership.
– Leadership Experience: Leadership experience will be helpful to mentor and bring others along in your ministry engagement in congregational life and community mission.