Spanish Immersion Intern

Avance España is a missions immersion program that works under a local organization called SEPAL, a multi-ethnic group of ministry projects throughout Spain. Avance España is a new branch of its sister program based in Mexico City. Avance provides an opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills and gain unique, cross-cultural experiences through serving in ministry, mentored learning, and living embedded in Spanish society. Avance España also provides the opportunity for 2 year interns to obtain a Masters of Theology at a discounted price during their service in Spain.

Do you want to explore your call to missions? Serve in a cross-cultural immersive program for 1-2 years alongside local leadership. Live life intentionally immersed in Spanish society. Serve in an incarnational ministry alongside local Christian leaders. Help local ministries reach the next generation through innovative ministries and church expressions.


  • Minimum 21 years old
  • B1 Spanish verbal level
  • College degree or three years of consistent work experience