Relational Ministry in English, Spanish, or German

City Church is a 125-year-old church in the heart of Hamburg which has planted many churches in Germany. City Church itself currently hosts a German congregation, an English international church, and a Spanish-speaking church. The church runs a variety of ministries, including Café Why Not?, a ministry serving refugees and migrants, teaching them German, providing legal and paperwork advice, and addressing spiritual needs.

Ministry opportunities in Spanish include children and youth work, music, outreach, and discipleship. English speakers can minister as community group leaders and on campus outreach with international students. German-speaking ministry opportunities include serving at Café Why Not? as a barista or manager, serving as a language teachers, mentoring, and helping with job placement. There are also ministry opportunities among immigrants involving evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, social work, counseling, and trauma care.

Proficiency in German or Spanish is recommended. Prior experience in church ministry is required. Coffee house experience, social work, trauma care and migrant ministry skills can be acquired on the field.