Regional Administrator for UWM/South America

Christ’s global mission in the 21st century emerges from the church in every region, and sees missions going from everywhere to everywhere. The globalized church requires new, relevant structures to facilitate mobilization, spiritual formation, and collaboration of workers and church partners. A missional hub in Colombia will be created to serve this purpose. The hub will be committed to the mobilization, formation, and collaboration of God’s people from Medellin, Colombia to the rest of South America.

UWM is looking for a regional administrator for the missional hub to provide support to the overall development of UWM’s work in South America, and to assist the Regional Leader in the creation and implementation of the hub in Medellin. As a regional administrator, you will be involved in a combination of administrative work and relationship development. Your tasks will include, but are not limited to: data base management, monthly correspondence and communication with national partners, visiting current national partners throughout the South America region, as well as interacting with potential new partners, meeting regularly with the Regional Leader, attending conferences, and more.

Your qualifications should include strong professional written communication abilities, the ability to prioritize and confront several pressing issues simultaneously in an effective manner, good listening skills, cross-cultural experience in ministry and leadership, a personal walk with God that is evident in daily life, regular participation in a local church, the ability to serve under the authority of other leaders, and the ability to resolve conflict biblically (Matthew 18). Spanish-speaking abilities are preferred, and we require a commitment to learning the language if your Spanish is currently limited.