Refugee Business as Mission Leader – Phoenix, AZ, Dallas TX, or Fort Worth, TX

Do you have a passion and an understanding for starting or running a business, or teaching business concepts? Do you have a passion for sharing Jesus with people who don’t know Him? GoTEN is looking for business leaders who desire to use businesses, business training, and authentic friendships to engage refugees. When refugees arrive from another country, they have 3 months to find a job with limited English and understanding of the American culture. However, most refugees have bigger dreams for their families such as better jobs, or even starting their own businesses. Without knowing how to write resumes, function as a solid employee in the American culture, or how to develop in business, many refugees are never able to leave the job they got when they first arrived.

Using business in missions among refugees from strategic people groups provides a great opportunity to help them and their families, gives opportunities to build authentic friendships, and gives you a chance to introduce them to Jesus along the way. If you see yourself joining GoTEN in this way, we would love to have you work alongside our ministry team.