Pre-field Coach

UWM’s Onboarding Team is seeking people passionate about serving the Lord and shepherding and coaching new missionaries in the ministry partner development process to serve around the world. We need people who can train, coach, encourage and champion the next generation of missionaries in their pre-field process. Pre-field coaches will serve as a bridge between the Onboarding Team, Regional and Field Leaders and the Member Care Department to help new missionaries become fully funded and equipped to serve in cross-cultural ministry.

As a pre-field coach, you will be responsible to train and coach new missionary appointees in the ministry partner development process, helping them to become fully funded and ensuring all pre-field requirements are met before fielding. You will be required to have consistent, frequent calls with those you’re coaching to check on their progress, encourage them and pray with them. You will be an active member of the Onboarding Team and be expected to collaborate with the other pre-field coaches. You will provide monthly updates on appointees’ progress to the Director of Onboarding. This position allows you to work remotely. As a pre-field coach you will need to raise most of your financial support, with the possibility of additional compensation from UWM. All approved team-related expenses for this role will be covered from the Onboarding Team budget. To see the full job description, click here.