Pioneer Church Planter

United World Mission has a long history of service in Mali, a country with 30-40 unreached people groups. The Church in Mali is concentrated in 4 ethnic groups, who are working hard to reached their own tribes with the Gospel, but there is little to no outreach among the other ethnic groups. Because of the war in the north, Mali’s population enjoys an openness to the Gospel born of social instability and disillusionment with Islam, which makes conditions ideal for pioneer church planting movements among unreached people groups.

Do you have a heart for reaching the unreached and enjoy starting new things? Could you come to be a part of a church planting movement, equip and build up the local church in Mali? Your adventurous spirit, friendly personality, and cooperative attitude will be essential in establishing relationships with Malians. Discovery Bible Studies, translation work, literacy, Christian education, relief and development, and other skills are needed to assist the local church in Mali. Can you see yourself using these skills and gifts to serve God in Mali?