Pastoral Care Provider

Colombia’s poverty and history of guerrilla warfare has caused many Colombians to move from the rural areas to the cities. Squatter communities have popped up to accommodate the influx of Colombians moving to the cities. Christ for the City Colombia operates several ministries for the people of these communities, as well as the impoverished neighborhoods of Medellin and Bogota. Koinonos, a ministry of Christ for the City Colombia, works to provide pastoral care for pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries and other Christian workers and their families, through the use of counseling, workshops, support groups, and other activities.

As the Pastoral Care Provider, you will work alongside female pastors and pastors’ wives, creating a space for them to develop deep and meaningful friendships with each other. You will give them opportunities to discuss the different issues that are unique to their vocation and ministry. You will provide one on one counseling, mentoring, and discipleship as needed.

Qualifications for this position include: a couple mature in their faith, with pastoral/member care experience and church-related experience, who have a heart to offer counseling and pastoral care for Colombian pastors and ministry leaders. Ideally fluent in Spanish, or a willingness to learn Spanish.