Manager of Indigenous Missionaries

Express Missions brings humanitarian relief and the gospel to those most desperate in the most effective, efficient, and expedient way around the world. They are also involved in providing resources and support for anti-human trafficking initiatives, humanitarian aid, church planting, and more.

As the Manager of Indigenous Missionaries, you will help facilitate needed resources for indigenous missionaries, based on their needs and their ministry situation. You will build personal relationships with the indigenous missionaries, and serves as the link between them and the home ministry. You will go on 2-3 international mission trips a year to personally meet with the supported indigenous missionaries in their local country and cultural context.

For this position, you will need 1) prior cross-Cultural training and experience, 2) a willingness to travel into hard areas and navigate global travel and its challenges, and 3) the ability to learn how the role works and how to manage relationships across many different cultures.