Information & Communication Technologies Coordinator

iServe Africa is an indigenous Christian ministry based in Kenya that seeks to raise the next generation of African leaders through training, mentorship and sending of young people into mission contexts. They are seeking to develop an in-house system for management of partners’ data, communication flow, analysis, and reporting. We are seeking a mission partner with gifts/training in ICT or related field to help design, develop and deploy such an integrated system.

This position will involve:

  1. Familiarization with the work processes within iServe Africa.
  2. Proposing a design for an integrated Management Information System.
  3. Developing, or supporting the development of, the proposed system.
  4. Training staff and other end users in the system
  5. Developing local capacity for technical support and forward compatibility of the system.
  6. Developing relationships with local staff and interns for mutual growth.
  7. (If interested) Discipling and mentoring several interns for spiritual and holistic growth.


  1. Be a follower of Jesus Christ, exemplifying Christian faith and character.
  2. Be willing to live cross-culturally and at a level below U.S.A. standards of living.
  3. An open and willing spirit to serve and be accountable to Kenyan leadership and UWM mentors.
  4. Have training and/or experience in IT, Systems Design & Development, or a similar field.
  5. Be self-motivated and able to work without close supervision.
  6. Have willingness and capacity to raise own support.