Immigration Representative

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of 30 designated US cities to receive refugees and immigrants applying for sanctuary in the United States. When they arrive, most refugees are placed in neighborhoods that are already facing many social challenges. James Place is a ministry that has set up community centers in those neighborhoods to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of refugees families such as tutoring students, help with finding employment, meeting day to day needs, building relationships, and more in the name of Jesus. Each community center needs committed staff to help reach out to refugees from countries around the world. James Place is a UWM ministry outreach partner.

One of the biggest needs is for an Immigration Services Apprentice. This person would assist James Place with the resettlement process for refugees and immigrants in the Milwaukee area. It will involve being trained in immigration law and procedure, shadowing of accredited representatives, and assisting the director in the role of directing the immigration services operations. It may also involve oversight of activities at James Place, responsibility for volunteers, providing counsel to refugees and immigrants, helping with documents to be filled out for benefits, and more. This is an opportunity to interact with and build relationships with unreached peoples from around the world.