Holistic Missions Coordinator

The Good Samaritan Ministry is a thriving ministry, which is currently looking to grow and adapt to new challenges within the city of Medellin. Our holistic mission takes place mostly in hospitals, where we provide chaplaincy services, social support and humanitarian aid to society’s most vulnerable members. Over 80 volunteers from various local churches and nearly 20 health services and other professionals serve people are receiving healthcare services in hospital and their families. We work in two strategic areas:

1) A Hospital Ministry – Urban holistic missions: chaplaincy services, social missions and humanitarian aid, for hospitals, homes and the community at large.
2) A Missionary Community – Evangelism, discipleship, and training and preparing families with a missionary vision, to serve the community through the hospital ministry.

Job Description

  • Evangelism though a variety of ministry strategies
  • Organizing and executing a wide variety of events for evangelism and mission (meals, debates, etc.)
  • Supporting new contacts in their transition as they start attending church
  • Visiting new converts in their homes
  • Participating in the hospital ministry holistic mission, involving new believers


  • A degree or technical studies in any area, though ideally related to healthcare, arts, communications, engineering
  • An understanding of Latin American culture
  • A certain level of Biblical and theological training. (Optional)
  • A good level of Spanish, for communication purposes. (Optional.  For short term missions, Spanish is not necessary.)

Other Desired Qualities

  • Evidence of Christ in your life
  • A passion for people’s salvation
  • Charisma, ease in approaching people in various situations