Holistic Ministry Coordinator

The Holistic Ministry Coordinator will be a part of the UWM West Africa Missional Hub team based in Dakar, Senegal. This community exists to mobilize and equip West Africans for mission to their neighborhood and the world. While UWM missionaries comprise the leadership of this team, the larger missional community consists of West African leaders who are likewise engaged in equipping West Africans for mission.

Based out of Dakar, Senegal, as the Holistic Ministry Coordinator, you will partner with local ministries that are already engaged in their community as you resource national initiatives that are making a difference in people’s lives. This ministry will be one of facilitation so that you can empower our local partners and multiply these types of Jesus-like ministries in the region as you grow with the ministry. Whether it’s working with the Talibé street boys of Dakar, the many displaced peoples due to persecution against Christians in the region, female victims of abuse, or addressing any of the multitude of real needs of the region, you will help the local church and national partners to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus serving those that need it most.

The HMC will have the opportunity to grow into the position as the ministry grows, evolves, and expands into the future. Their ministry of coordination and facilitation will equip and resource others so that holistic mission might be multiplied in West Africa where it’s needed most.


The Holistic Ministry Coordinator position requires someone dedicated to serving with Jesus’ heart. Someone that desires to be with Jesus and like Jesus so that they might be for Jesus and others. A Jesus-follower who doesn’t come with all of the answers, but comes ready to listen, ready to learn, and ready to walk a mile or two in others’ shoes. A self-starter that will be driven by the needs of the hurting world around them as well as the hope and the demands of the Gospel. Someone who is resilient and allows their personal brokenness to drive them to radical dependency upon the Lord where they are made strong. A person who sees the world with Jesus’ eyes of compassion and has the faith to feed multitudes with a few fish and some bread.


Additional Context:

Holistic ministry is Jesus’ followers taking His compassion and heart to those that need it most: to those on the margins of society; those forgotten; the poor and broken; the isolated and disenfranchised. Holistic ministry is caring for those who have no voice and those whose voice is so small that it can only be heard with the compassionate ears of our Savior. Holistic ministry ensures that Gospel proclamation and Gospel demonstration go together.