ENCAMINA Academic Coordinator

ENCAMINA trains and equips missionary candidates for success and productivity in a cross-cultural ministry setting, even in the 10/40 window.

The ENCAMINA Academic Coordinator will report report directly to the ENCAMINA director and ENCAMINA board. Their main responsibilities include

1. Keeping the ENCAMINA training curriculum updated and relevant.
2. Maintaining the academic schedule.
3. Keeping ENCAMINA academic training records.
4. Assisting in the selection of the professional teaching Team.

Requirements include

1. Being a committed Christian in faith and works.
2. Being bilingual in English and Spanish.
3. Knowledge and skill using Microsoft Office.
4. Practical experience in teleconferencing (ZOOM, Go To Meeting, etc).
5. Minimum BA in Cross-cultural Education and/or Missions.
6. Minimum 2-3 years of Cross-cultural Academic and Experience.
7. Knowledge of Cross-cultural Adaptation and Language Acquisition.