Early Childhood or Primary School Teacher at Academie Bilingue du Congo (ABC)

About Congo Initiative

Congo Initiative (CI) is a Christ-centered global fellowship led by Congolese vision and united for the transformation of lives and communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Oppressive socio-political forces acting within and upon the DRC over the last two centuries have given rise to poor leadership and traumatized people, vulnerable and fragmented communities, and corrupt and unjust systems. In response to these issues, Congo Initiative educates and equips change-makers and models transformation by holistically renewing communities and promoting systemic justice in the DRC.

International Staff (missionaries) come to live and work with the CI community as members of a “New We” community, where we embody the Global Church in its diversity and unity. In this community, our identity as members of Christ’s global body is preeminent, allowing International Staff and Congolese staff and students to support one another on a journey of mutual transformation by God’s Spirit.

About Académie Bilingue du Congo (ABC)

Académie Bilingue du Congo (ABC), a primary school founded by Congo Initiative in 2014, seeks to apply a transformational vision of education in the lives of eastern Congo’s youngest learners through character development, community engagement, and critical thinking. Now over a hundred students strong, ABC includes three preschool levels and primary grades 1-6.     

ABC is neither seeking to be a traditional “Congolese” school nor a “Western” school, but to create a new thing out of the synergy of Congolese and international teachers. With this vision, ABC is eagerly seeking international teachers who are excited to participate in and build a cross-cultural educational community. Interested candidates should be motivated by the challenges of teaching at a school which is still in formation, ready to engage with the Congolese context, and open to sharing their unique backgrounds and experiences. Candidates with a background in English/bilingual education, technology integration in the classroom, and/or learner-centered pedagogy approaches are especially encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we would love to talk with you more and/or to design a specific position which fits your expertise and ABC’s needs.