Discipleship Ministry to Refugees

Join a multi-ethnic team focused on discipleship amongst the 50,000 refugees in Hamburg, Germany. UWM is partnered with All Nations to deepen and strengthen the discipleship ministry in the Afghan, Persian and Migrant Church. One of the refugee churches serves around 80-100 first-generation Christians with worship and teaching in Farsi and is also translated into several languages. The church reaches out to primarily Iranian, Afghan, and Syrian refugees, offering them access to traditional, familiar meals and a living room space, since they live in living spaces made out of containers. The kitchen and living room are key instruments in helping develop redemptive relationships with the refugees.

As a disciple maker and servant, you will help equip migrant leaders for ministry. Compassion will be a key element as you develop and help others develop long-term relationships with immigrants.

Prior experience in discipleship is necessary. Exposure to migrant ministry and experience with social work is recommended. Refugee ministry skills will be acquired on field. A commitment to learning Farsi is helpful as it would enable deeper impact. For longer-term workers (2+ years), a commitment to German fluency is required.