UWM missionaries Matt and Shelley Actis have been working near the Bugiri District, Uganda, establishing several pastor and church leader training centers in the surrounding villages. Matt has trained and mentored a small group of pastors who are also teaching other pastors in the surrounding areas. Matt and Shelley are developing a ministry center in the village near Bugiri, Uganda where they can better reach communities with skills training for teenage girls, better farming techniques and with Bible teaching and training for pastors and church leaders. This position is for someone to train, mentor, and disciple pastors in new outlying rural villages, at the ministry center, or both. The pastor training program is grass-roots and involves spending time reading through the Bible together with Ugandan church leaders, helping them to understand and interpret scripture better. Training at the ministry center would also be foundational but with the goal of developing into a more advanced place to study theology. UWM desires to use missionaries who are solid in their faith and understanding of the Bible to train up pastors and church leaders to lead the church forward into the next generation.

Job Function:

This UWM Team is looking for long term missionaries to join them in this growing ministry to reach rural village churches with much needed biblical training. You would be living in the village and working in remote locations by leading Bible studies and/or pastor trainings. Your main ministry focus would be to help church leaders discover what scripture is saying by asking thought provoking questions and answer the questions your students might have. This training is non-formal and flexible with lots of room to grow.

Your main goals would be…
1. To develop relationships with pastors and church leaders to help them lead their churches by discipling, mentoring, and training them.
2. To help pastors and church leaders grow and mature spiritually so they can lead their church members to grow as well.

Job Requirements:

Missionaries serving in this pioneering ministry need to:

  • Have a love for the lost, the church, and for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Be a gifted in teaching and mentoring.
  • Be able to work well with others and other UWM teammates.
  • Be teachable.
  • Be flexible.
  • Be able to live in a rural area and work cross-culturally with people from the villages.
  • Have experience in teaching.
  • Have experience working in ministry, volunteering at church, leading Bible studies, etc.
  • Have a strong Biblical background–to have been in the church and Bible studies for many years or have Biblical training.
  • Agree to a statement of faith.