Community Manager with Tech Skills (CMT)

ProMETA (www.prometa.info) is a totally online school with strong relationships and partnerships with various mission organizations.  The school offers masters, diploma and certificate degrees to Spanish-speaking pastors, leaders, professionals, and disciples who need theological training for a particular ministry area. ProMETA has launched an ambitious vision for global theological education which has already begun to receive positive reviews as a model for the future of theological education.

ProMETA’s team resides on three continents; location for the CMT would preferably, but not necessarily, be Costa Rica.  The Community Manager would support those areas of ProMETA which require specialized abilities to improve and grow ProMETA’s virtual presence and strengthen the tech infrastructure.

Length of service: At least 6 months.


  1. Technological knowledge and technical skills (in marketing to align with the objectives of the organization)
  2. Serve on the media team as a specialist in the development of
    1. Social media (primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube)
    2. ProMETA’s current website and its continual refreshing.
  3. Exercise leadership according to areas of abilities and skills.
  4. Create videos for promotional purposes within a team context.
  5. Be available to train others in specific areas related to the digital media tasks.
  6. Be involved part-time in a non-ProMETA church-related ministry.
  7. Basic abilities to set up routers, modems, and switches.

 Personal Qualifications:

  1. A strong desire to partner with Jesus in strengthening His Church.
  2. Attitude and vocation of service (high sense of urgency.
  3. Innovative spirit. Creativity: to generate content and to solve problems, updated on trends, anticipated, analyst (statistics).
  4. Strong commitment to the Church.
  5. Desire to learn, including the patience to learn cultural nuances.
  6. Organized in managing contacts as the result of media initiatives.
  7. Social skills: good communicator, empathy, teamwork and understanding

Professional Qualifications:

  1. Experience in the digital media field; proficiency in web page design (WordPress) and creation.
  2. Creative graphic design abilities
  3. Abilities in the use of various software programs with some programming knowledge.
  4. Reading knowledge of Spanish required and Spanish conversation desired.