Church Workers: Music ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, pastoral care for migrant peoples

Hoop voor North Church is open to expanding more lights into their surrounding community in Northern Amsterdam. It is a very diverse area of the city and there are few growing churches and few are open to integrating and celebrating the cultures around them.

The local pastors would like to have a few couples who are willing to follow the local leadership and vision to reach and disciple followers of Christ who have come to Hope for North Church. There are no English-language fellowship groups now, but the high number of students and a majority of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Amsterdam are proficient in English, so this could be a bridge to the gospel. There are opportunities to serve in music, youth/children’s ministry and pastoral care for migrant peoples. Joining one of the neighborhood groups in De Banne, Blauwe Zand or Bloemenbuurt or starting a new outreach would be a possibility with additional language skills and coordination.

Cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship experience, willingness to learn a language (Dutch) and a servant heart. Those who join Hope for North would need to take initiative to build relationships with people in the community where they live as well as inside the church. A desire and focus on training others for ministry would also be an important part to serving at Hope for North Church.