Church Planting & Discipleship Facilitator

Once an Islamic cultural center, Islam is still the dominant, religious presence in Mali, claiming 80-90% of the population, although animistic, indigenous beliefs predate the influence of Islam. Also one of the poorest nations in Africa, Mali suffers from increasing religious and political stress. United World Mission began evangelizing and discipling Malinke people in the 1950s. Although the local church is present in the Malinke community, it is small and continues to invite our partnership.

We are seeking someone who has a heart for training and discipling leaders within the church. This person should have an interactive training style to convey concepts in a relational environment, along with proven skills in discipleship and practical leadership training and development. Strengthen Malinke churches through church planting, discipleship, and pastoral training. Help “train the trainers” so that future generations of the church can be strong in faith.