Church Planter

About IPN:

The Presbyterian Church of the Northwest (Iglesia Presbiteriana del Noroeste, IPN) belongs to the Presbyterian church in Colombia, a Reformed synod. The church is located in the northwest of Colombia. Antioquia and Cordoba are territories battered by violence and social inequality, full of people who would only find hope and peace in the gospel.

70% of the churches are in rural areas while 30% of the churches are in urban areas. 90% of its members were displaced by armed violence. Most families have limited access to education, healthcare, and good quality of life. Most families have economic difficulties as well. This church is passionate about the mission of the gospel and fulfillment of the kingdom of God among us.

The Presbyterian Church of the Northwest hopes to establish churches where there is no Presbyterian church presence, achieving this with the gospel and the presence of the church. The hope is to help families that have been affected by the social situation.

Position Description:

  • Train people in church planting
  • Manage church planting projects
  • Accompany the church planting team
  • Plant churches