Christian Education & Spiritual Formation Intern

Share your faith through relational ministry and outreach as you serve at the CLM and guesthouse. Get to know backpackers from around the world, and engage in conversations with people seeking spiritual direction. Lead scriptural meditations and reflection times, plan outreach events, and (if desired) serve in a local church. This is a live-in role. Commitment to community agreements and flexibility required.

Qualifications: Though the CLM is uniquely Christian, we strive to create a safe place for people of all backgrounds. Empathy, interpersonal skill, and open-mindedness are crucial for this role. Ability to speak multiple languages or prior backpacking experience is a plus. 

The Center for Latin Mobilization (Centro Latino de Movilización) based in Mexico City, is part of Milamex, a national ministry organization. Through various ministry arms such as a guesthouse, coffee shop, and a team specifically dedicated to the Latino missions movement, the CLM is dedicated to helping awaken, involve, and connect the body of Christ in Latin America with God’s global mission.