Chief Expansion Officer

United World Mission is seeking a Chief Expansion Officer who will serve as a senior leader overseeing U.S. and global mobilization, church collaboration and partnerships, marketing and communication, and new initiatives such as “Business as Mission” and “Kingdom Professionals.”  The Chief Expansion Officer is responsible for brand development and messaging, strategies for mobilizing high quality missionaries and staff, building strong credibility with local churches, expanding global partnerships, and developing new initiatives and income streams contributing to the innovative renewal and sustainability of the organization.


Must Have

  • Be a growing disciple of Jesus Christ with a strong commitment to ongoing spiritual formation and to the local church.
  • Strong commitment to the local church and a high view of the church’s role in global mission.
  • Passion for the Great Commission and a positive view of the appropriate role of long-term missionaries in God’s mission.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience and capacity to lead innovation and change management in light of tradition, context analysis, and disruption.
  • Experience and capacity for building collaboration and integration across teams, departments as well as partnerships, alliances, etc. with other organizations.
  • Excellent strategic planning, people and project management skills to execute plans and accomplish objectives.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Business administration, English, Marketing, Communications, or a related area of study.
  • Graduate-level theological degree.
  • Experience in local church leadership or oversight (e.g. mission pastor).
  • Cross-cultural experience.
  • General management experience.
  • Experience in networking, partnerships, sales and/or recruiting.
  • Experience in brand development, marketing, communication, and communication technology.

Top 3 Strategic Functions:

  1. Lead UWM to mobilize local churches and missionaries into strategic missional service with global partners for measurable impact.
  2. Lead UWM brand development so that UWM is widely known, trusted, and considered a compelling option for Christian leaders seeking global impact.
  3. Lead UWM to innovate models of ministry that create new income streams and stronger global impact.

Principle Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as member of senior leadership team and contribute to thought leadership, strategic direction, and re-positioning the organization for the new world of global mission.
  2. Lead brand development.
  3. Oversee the Director of Communications and Marketing to implement top-of-class communication and marketing strategies as well as procuring and developing technologies for delivering on our mission.
  4. Oversee the Director of Mobilization and strategies to impact the world and grow UWM by attracting excellent short-term and long-term missionaries.
  5. Oversee the Director of Global Mobilization to impact the world and internationalize UWM in strategic and appropriate ways.
  6. Oversee the Director of Church Collaboration and strategies to impact the church in North America and the world through mobilizing and equipping churches for the global mission.
  7. Drive change required for organizational positioning, growth and effectiveness through innovation and new initiatives (e.g. Business as Mission, Kingdom Professionals, and other innovative pathways).

Please note:  UWM seeks to maintain a lean U.S. operation, seeking to do our work with excellence while also being as cost-effective as possible.  This means that our leadership roles include a significant amount of hands-on work in areas of responsibility as well as providing supervision of leaders and small teams, and oversight of outsource relationships and creative approaches to accomplishing our tasks.